Teenager Designed 3D Crane To Build A Cardboard City

Teenager designed 3D crane to build a cardboard city.

The US company Cazza designed a 3D crane for printing called M I N I T A N K which states that can build 50 percent faster than conventional methods of construction, but also highlights how this way of building better for the environment.

As reported by C N N, behind Cazza M I N I T A N K says 19 year old Chris Kelsey who has all the money earned from previous startups intended making a crane that was building cardboard castles.

Currently, develops a prototype crane, and participate in the development of experienced engineers in the field of 3D printing.

Kelsey points out that the biggest obstacle to the introduction of M I N I T A N K be misunderstanding the public.

‘People do not realize how much the world of 3D printing changed. They think that it is a plastic whose structure is not healthy. But that’s not what we do, “said Kelsey, adding that the 3D printing in the past 15 years evolved from a technology for printing small toys to mega industry in fashion or art.

Jack Cheng, a professor at the University of Hong Kong believes that this technology has enormous potential.

‘I think it is technologically possible to build a printed city. Concrete is not as plastic, it does not harden immediately when it is printed, it takes some time, “said Chang, adding that the U S military is investigating the idea of 3D printing towns after some major accidents, when an urgent need to move people.

Last year, the government of the United Arab Emirates U A E announced its strategy for 3D printing would by 2030 as many as 25 percent of the buildings in D u b a i have been printed by a 3D printer.

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