3D printing metal objects in the air (VIDEO)

Now with the newest 3D printer we can printing metal objects in the air. Harvard 3D printer produces no objects by applying layer after layer, but does so in a very unique way.
Most 3D printer that we have seen on the same principle, displaces the nozzle from molten material, and the applied layer by layer until the final formed object.

Scientists Wyss Institute for engineering inspired by biology from Harvard University and their colleagues from the John A. Paulson School of Engineering of Applied Sciences, made a printer that can create complex metal objects in a unique way.

printing metal objects

Their machine is designed so that it displaces the metal which is immediately cooled and rigid, which enables you to create free-form objects that appear to be creating in the air, as you can see in this video.
The printer uses “ink” axis composed of silver nanoparticles, a focused laser then heats the material and curing it to come out.

According to the scientist Mark Skylar-Scott, the most difficult thing to them was a training of this technique, because if the laser is too close, the nanoparticles will cure within the nozzle and clog them. In addition, the structure may collapse if the system does not have the timing right.

Once you have managed to set up a system that works, the scientists believe that this method could be used for the printing of flexible and tailor materials for wearable gadgets, sensors and medical devices in the near future.

Director of the Wyss Institute Donald Ingber said he “believes that this use sophisticated laser technology to increase the possibilities of 3D printing will not only serve as inspiration for a new kind of product, but it pushes the boundaries of 3D printing in the new reality, demonstrating once again that before the accepted limits can be overcome innovation “.

The whole scientific study on the project unusual 3D printers for printing metal objects in the air can be found at this link.

Source: Harvard

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