United Nations Will Start In His First Mission Into Space (VIDEO)

  United Nations (UN), they confirmed for their first mission in space, to enable developing countries for research in microgravity conditions. The launch is scheduled for 2021 year, and the UN will use Dream Chaser, the US spacecraft “Corporation Sierra Nevada” (Sierra Nevada Corporation – SNC). 

  The information recently is published by the Office for Ecumenical Affairs at the UN (UNOOSA), during the International Astro nautical Congress in Guadalajara. It is a meeting at which the famous Elon Musk announced its plans for the colonization of Mars, through the thousands of flights SpaceX their ships. While the UN obviously have no sense of megalomania, however it is a great mission, which could give them new opportunities for exploring the universe of a number of countries that are not able to launch its own research satellites.

  One of the main tasks of UNOOSA is establishing international cooperation in the peaceful exploration of space – in the style of “Star Trek, says the director of the organization, Simonetta Di Pippo. In a complete pleasure to say that UNOOSA in cooperation with our partners from the corporation Sierra Nevada will achieve the stated objectives through the opening of comprehensive micro gravity program of all member states of the UN, and many of which dont have infrastructure and financial resources necessary for own space program – revealed Di Pippo.

As a reminder, althoughDream Chaser is still under development, the SNC had previously confirmed that the first test flight is planned by the end of this year, while on its maiden voyage to the International Space Station should take off in 2019. Because this is a multi functional aircraft, which can carry about 5.5 tons burden or seven astronauts, the interest of UN for cooperation is expected.

However, this service will not be completely free for countries that want to engage in the study of the universe, which is logical, considering the high cost of space missions. Fortunately, it seems that countries participating in the mission will contribute to the cost with a small percentage.

United Nation And His First Mission Into Space

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