New Era Of Amazingly Realistic Holograms And 7D Movies (VIDEO)

The development of lasers technology begins from the sixties of the last century, allow you to make huge advances in technology especially in 3D, 5D and 7D hologram movies. It had so much advances, and for several years that will be used for holographic avatars to animate the windows of some shops for clothing etc., as set out in Mondivirtuali.

Original holographic images ( “holograms”) are now much more realistic movies. Since recently a team of Japanese scientists led by Professor Yoichi Ochiai developed technology to safety could touch holograms. And they can be touched without causing burnings through the use of laser for fast combination of cameras and mirrors arriving at a resolution up to 200,000 points, or “voxels” (volumetric pixels) per second.

7D presentation in Dubai shopping center

The latest applications 7D movies or three-dimensional movies that add more special effects, such as weather conditions and access to facilities (or “float walk”). If you want an example of the level of realism provided by 7D videos, you can watch this movie, made in 2014 in a shopping center in Dubai.

Compared with 3D virtual reality viewers, here the viewers do not have to bring any device, so the technology is ideal for virtual themed parks or interactive movies.

Hologram F4 Phantom Jet According to some for several years even normal TVs can be made in order to be able to project 7D movies. Allowing to see three-dimensional displays while sitting in your living room: a fascinating prospect. But some viewers are afraid, there are those who has fear that this technology can be used (or already using) in a distorted way, example for military purposes or to achieve plots. Simulating accidents that can lead to more or less wide conflict.

So it is important to adopt a some kind of new law for that who, what and how you can use this advanced technology. Because it would be very bad if this 7D technology fall into the hands of some deceivers or any dishonest people. Who would like to capitalize on any unethical manner or simply to cause something bad.

If you want to know how it will end this 7D hologram movie technology, continue to follow Mondivirtuali. Even through their Twitter and their Facebook fan page.

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