The Aliens On The Moon Or An Optical Illusion? (+ VIDEO)

In one snapshot of the Earth’s natural satellite reportedly seen hundreds of unidentified flying objects, supposedly aliens how are landing on the moon.

Video published by the Geril Vigli on “YouTube” shows how the lower left corner of the screen see some dots for which she claims that these are UFOs.

The footage, which was created before the appearance of the so-called “Supermoon”, you can see hundreds of alleged aircraft takeoff from the moon.

Enthusiasts and “alien hunters” were previously many times noticed some unusual structures on the moon that they claim to have been made by intelligent beings.

It is therefore not surprising that this recording has attracted a lot of attention.

However, many photographers and cameramen say it’s not about aliens, but only an optical illusion.

“I often use a telescope. This is continuously visible. It is chromatic aberration. This phenomenon occurs especially when the lens out of focus as it is in this video, “said photographer John Biondo.

However, the footage supports the theory about aliens on the moon, and last year one former associate NASA said that during the lunar landing was observed three “flying objects”.

According to Done Her, NASA has evidence of aliens on the moon, but are hidden from the public.

Hiding the testimony and evidence about aliens, the US space agency, according to her, the project called “Santa Claus”.
Conspiracy theorists claim that because of alien landings suspended manned to the moon.

If these “Moonlanders” really exist, it is possible that they already visited us, or have long been present here?

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