Unusual Link Between Appendicitis And Increase The Fertility Of Women

It discovered surprising link about women who have removed the appendix or tonsils with their fertility. Although doctors carefully warn that women with these procedures are unnecessary. Researchers believe that the factors that confirm these results, published in the journal Fertility and Sterility, may be more significant in behavioral than biological.

Researchers believe that certain factors may affect in the level of fertility, because this is not the first time to find like this kind relationship between the appendix and fertility. Two previous studies in the UK have show that women who was underwent of removal of the appendix have higher fertility than 20 to 54 percent, and the less time it takes to get pregnant. Also another study showed in Sweden a similar results.

Constantly inflammation

With complete removal of the appendix in a woman’s body can prevent infection or swelling. Otherwise may cause damage to the fallopian tubes and thus way to affect of the fertility of women. To check this, the researchers decided to observe the second lymphoid organ, this time tonsils. If  increase fertility by reducing the swelling around the fallopian tubes. Then it would be logical if the tonsils are removed there is no result, or they just think so.

Other factors

What they had found was even stranger. They studied more than 500,000 women who had removed an appendix or tonsils. They were linked with the true age and activities that were performed over a period of over 15 years. They found that in each group, 54 percent of the 54,675 women who was removed appendix, they become pregnant.

Just as was the case with 53 percent of the 112,607 women who have been removed tonsils. And nearly 60 percent of the 10,340 women who were removed together appendix and tonsils. These results are compared with only 43 percent of the 355,244 women who were not subject to any procedure. Not only that, first need and less time to get pregnant.

However, researchers say that they can not rule out the fact that the removal of these lymph organs could reduce the amount of inflammation in the body. It could help in getting the egg in the uterus. They also speak to other conditions for the rise of inflammation. Such as asthma, as well as reduced fertility and longer waiting time of conception fertility for these patients.

Therefore, it seems that this may affect in various factors, biological and behavioral. But one thing is certain: no need to remove the appendix or tonsils if it is not absolutely necessary.

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