Biological Computer is next generation! (Video)

Scientists from Canada’s McGill University working on a project to develop a biological computer, where basically will work on a microchips, that will be made and operated of proteins.

biological computer

To better present we can recall with Star Trek. Of course if you’ve seen this film you can remember of class starship Intrepid bio which was equipped with an array of Biogel. It is a kind of biological computers with idea to accelerate the flow of information between the various ships systems.

How work this biological computer?

Transmission and exchange of information this time it will work with proteins instead of electrons.
This developed a scientific team led by prof. Dana Nicolau, all bio engineers with McGill University. Certainly this biological microchip has been developed together in collaboration with external experts from Europe, such as Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden.

biological computer

The chip is made up of protein chains, filled with adenosine triphosphate (ATP). It is a chemical that is used to transfer energy at the cellular level. Its size is 1.5 cm2

Currently far is the ability to create a complete biological computer. But Nicolau team managed to make complex network of very small space. To show that their chip actually works, scientists set mathematical problem that has been successfully resolved.

biological computer
The biological computer is still far from implementation, but someday they could provide supercomputer performance in pack size of today’s PCs, able to simultaneously perform a range of mathematical operations.
There is also the idea biological computers to connect to the classic, based on silicon, and with that will increase their capacity.

The team works on a number of similar projects aimed at bio-engineering in order to make a real biological supercomputer. Once it can not be said, but the team is working on larger and more complex tasks in order to create a hybrid device.

More informations for biological computer you can see on this video:

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