Prototype of bionic eye from Australian team !

Soon the very first bionic eye surgery. The Australian team of industrial designers and scientists presented the prototype for the first bionic eye in the world. The device, which includes a microchip implanted in the skull and a digital camera attached to glasses, will allow recipients to see the outline of their environment.

bionic eye surgery

If it will be successful, the bionic eye has the potential to help more than 85% of the population who are considered to be legally blind (people who have the ability to see only within 20 degrees of visual field). The testing will begin next year, Professor Mark Armstrong of the University of Monash says the bionic eye should give recipients a few degrees more additional mobility. The camera is in front is very similar of  iPhone camera, and records the movements in real time instead of color. Then these images are diluted by a very sophisticated processor called – Dilution signal.

The signal is transmitted wirelessly from something is called a coil, which is located on the back of the head. While inside the brain has an implant of small ceramic tiles, where each tile has microscopic electrodes inserted into the optical cortex of the brain.

Bionic eye surgery

Professor Armstrong said: We believe the recipient will see some kind of point images with low resolution, but good enough the blind man can see, for example the edge of the table, an object or point to detect when makes a misstep and etc. This is a wonderful thing, if our interpretation of this is correct. Because we still do not know to the first test with the people, so as to allow people who are blind can connect with the world.

How bionic eye works?

There are many different settings … So for example, you can set the mapping of the floor, and the eye will create shadows around objects on the floor to see where you’re going. With the first implantation should be to start next year and will be followed by clinical trials, research and customer feedback team. The goal of the designers was the product is lightweight, flexible, adaptable, and people who will wear to not felt mentally deranged.

Bionic eye

Bionic eye

The development of a bionic eye was one of the key aspirations arising from the 2020 meeting, which was held in 2008.

Very good explanation for bionic eye surgery,  watch the video:

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