BioPen – 3D pen printing tissues during operation

A team of Australian surgeons and researchers have developed a 3D printing pen – Biopen that allows surgeons during an operation, drawing and “Vaya” implantable cartilage made from human stem cells. Arthritis is a condition that they have over 350 million people worldwide, causing the breakdown of cartilage in the joints, causing extreme pain. Since cartilage has no blood vessels or nerves in it, can not itself be renewed and sometimes the only cure for this condition is an invasive operation which should be drilled and bone implants implanted previously developed in the region affected by the disease.

biopen 3D printing tissues

But now, a team of Australian surgeons and researchers from ACES (ARC Center of Excellence for Electromaterials Science) and St.Vincent Hospital of Melbourne invented a new method for treating arthritis. It’s about 3D printing pen called BioPen, which allows surgeons to print, cartilage directly into the patient’s body as material using a mix of the stem cells and protective hydrogel biomastilo.

When stem cells are “print,” the region affected by the disease, it protects biomastilo while growing up / refreshed when it attaches to a period completely broken down inside the body. Laboratory tests have shown that more than 97% of the stem cells were still alive after one week of their application.

biopen 3D printing tissues

With BioPen, medics can print, implants “on the spot”, significantly speeding up the whole process of healing artitichnite joints. With this new 3D printing technology will be provided to perform more accurate and more complex operations and they would be much better for human health because for it will be used their tissue for execution. On the video below you can see explanation how it is possible to be printed tissues of any person for many kind of operations. Surely this kind of surgery will be the future of the clinic surgery and there will be better results.

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