Brain memory can restore with new mechanism

Scientists at the University of Texas at Austin have discovered a mechanism that could explain how the brain memory can restore or remember almost everything that happened in one afternoon or go through a plan to spend the rest of the day – all in a few moments.

This newly discovered mechanism, which summarizes the information needed to restore memory, imagination and planning, the brain sends different frequencies. Separated by a mechanism that we use to record actual, current experiences.

brain memory

Brain cells each other share different information using different frequencies, much like listening to a radio station on a different frequency. Laura Colgin, assistant at the Department of Neuroscience, doctoral student Chenguang HEG and their colleagues found that us one of these you let the frequency allows you can unleash like a picture of memories – or imagine future events – in a manner such rewind back.

brain memory

We are excited about this discovery because we believe that this mechanism explains how we imagine some event or series of events at a time concise manner. When we imagine a future event, in our brain everything is going much faster, what would it actually took place in reality “, said prof. Colgin. In our brains fast gamma waves encrypted memories of things that happen to us at that point. These waves come quickly one after the other, and the brain processes information in normal time. Scientists have discovered that slow gamma waves, which we use to restore the memories of the past and imagining the future. Store more information on their long waves, which in our brain creates the effect of rewinding. Because the brain processes more data in each wave. This mental compression is very similar to what we do on computers.

Prof. Colgin also explains why people with schizophrenia, who have experienced of disruption of gamma waves, have trouble with the imaginary and the real. They in his brain, probably sent his imaginary event on the wrong frequency, probably on the frequency where after that terrible things happen to humans, said Professor. Colgin. The next task for researchers is to use animals with neurological disorders like autism and Alzheimer’s disease, to help people better understand the role that all of this mechanism has.

One Interesting Video About Restore Brain Memory

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