Computer hackers are better than last year – be careful with your device

Security experts warn that computer hackers next year might turn to attacks on Apple devices – computers, phones and tablets. As one of the big pluses of MAC as compared to PC, users of Apple computers are always talking about security as they are for hackers largest and most frequent targets computers running on Windows.

Computer hackers

Because that most of the computers in the world run with Microsoft’s operating system, computer hackers are more logical to use the malware for Windows, because in this way can infect more computers. Also similar thing in the mobile market is Android so that Google’s operating system more interesting target of cyber criminals in relation to the iPhone (even 96 percent of mobile malware is focused on Android-powered devices).

Computer hackers

Security experts warn all owners of MAC and IOS devices next year to expect a big increase in attacks on Apple computers, phones and tablets. According to Symantec, the amount of malware that is available for mobile devices running IOS this year increase by more than twice and also the number of threats is increase for Macs.

For similar danger warning from security company FireEye from that note to hackers, among others, could target Apple’s technology for mobile payments Apple Pay. Although we have not yet seen the threats and attacks directed at Apple Pay, it should be remembered that every technology that involves financial transactions for computer hackers is interesting theme, because they want the effort and time to pay off.Computer hackers

Apple devices are a logical target of cyber criminals because they are extremely popular, commented a security expert Dick O’Brien. Also he noting that although the number of threats and attacks on Apple devices is still small compared to Windows and Android, lately is more and more threats and for Apple. Although Apple will continue to be relatively safe platform, the number of their computers infected with malware in the first nine months of this year, even seven times higher than in the whole of 2014, warns O’Brian so that the owners of these computers must be very careful when surfing the Internet. As far as mobile devices, Symantec has found seven new threats to the iPhone, with particularly vulnerable jailbreak devices.

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