CIA Published Confidential Documents About UFOs Over The Himalayas

CIA Published Confidential Documents About UFOs Over The Himalayas.

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has recently removed the secrecy with almost 13 million pages.

All information, however, does not refer only to the usual analytical reports – was finally disclosed “X-Files”, the paper on the research appearing UFO.

CIA archives show that American spies were interested in the UFO phenomenon, not only within the boundaries of the United States and in Western Europe, but also beyond the Himalayas.


In 1968, the CIA reported six cases of spotting a UFO in the sky over the Indian region of Ladakh and Sikkim and Bhutan and Nepal over.

Nepal and Sikkim

On 19 February 1968, luminous object that was moving at high speed was observed in the sky in northeastern Nepal and Sikkim in the north around 21 hours local time.

According to reports, the CIA, the building was moving at high speed, had an elongated shape and emitted rays of red and green light.

“High-speed facility, long and thin, emits red and green very bright enough to be seen as a day. Accompanied by the sound of lightning, a few seconds after the appearance of the building, “the document states.


On 21 February 1968, there has been another UFO Timbulo, capital of Bhutan.

It is alleged that this facility also glowing and moved absolutely silently. It also noted that moved at high speed.

The document says that the object was moving “from east to west.” “However, since the east of Timbulo there is nothing except the Indian territory, the direction of movement of the object could also be from the northeast to the southwest, and from the direction of Tibet”.



On the fourth of March 1968, unidentified flying object was seen moving from east to west near the mountain passage Chang La. Fly over the base of the Indian Air Force, in the fields of a function and Kojul.

“You could see a white light and heard the two simultaneous sound of explosion. Also, red light followed by white


The most interesting thing in this report is a testimony that is recorded on 25 March 1968 in the northwestern Nepal.

“A large metal object in the shape of a disc with a base of six feet and a height of four feet was found in the crater at Baltičauru, five miles northeast of Pokhara,” the report said. It is further alleged that similar objects found in Telakoti and Turepasalu.


The report was prepared for the “controlled distribution” and it was declassified in 2001. On the cover is a photo of Donald Keio, director of the National Research Committee for aerial phenomena in the period from 1957 to 1969, and images of nuclear physicist Dr. Edward Condon, the former head of the National Institute of standards and technology.

Since 2016, the CIA has regularly published confidential documents concerning UFOs.

However, one of the documents shows that at least 20 percent of the report with which the declassified related to UFOs there is no scientific explanation.


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