The Unbelievable Connection Between Nikola Tesla And Donald Trump

The Unbelievable Connection Between Nikola Tesla And Donald Trump!

As eccentric as the current U.S. Presidential elections have been, an unbelievable recorded sidenote lies in their association with the well known Serbian designer Nikola Tesla.

A couple days after Tesla passed on January eighth, 1943, his belonging were seized by authorities from the incredibly named government Office of Alien Property. Around 3 weeks after that, the greater part of Tesla’s things and archives were given an intensive examination by a gathering of FBI operators that included none other than John G. Trump, the uncle of the present Republican contender for U.S. President Donald J. Trump.

Trump’s uncle was, in every way, an extremely proficient and astute man, a M.I.T. Educator of Engineering, who outlined X-beam machines for tumor patients and did radar inquire about work for the armed force amid World War 2.


Tesla’s “considerations and endeavors amid in any event the previous 15 years were basically of a theoretical, philosophical, and to some degree limited time character,” however “did exclude new, stable, workable standards or techniques for acknowledging such outcomes.”

Be that as it may, such authority expulsion of the noteworthiness of the papers Tesla abandoned justifiably did not sit well with numerous people all through the following 73 years. As though the legislature would concede that it discovered arrangements for, suppose, the Death Ray that Tesla was chipping away at in the most recent years of his life. That sort of circumstance is ground zero for fear inspired notions.

The papers have halfway been discharged however are still truly difficult to find. What happened to Tesla’s most mystery tech is still possibly a riddle on the off chance that you are slanted to trust that kind of thing. Who has the papers? Did Tesla truly build up the Death Ray?

Donald Trump himself regularly alludes to his Uncle, conjuring John Trump’s insight as a kind of voucher for his own hereditary and verifiable family.

“My uncle used to enlighten me regarding atomic before atomic was atomic,” Trump said in one meeting, as per the New Yorker magazine.

This would likely be alluding to hydrogen bombs as opposed to the principal atomic bombs as Trump was conceived in 1946, after the Atomic Age was at that point upon us.


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