Earth has another natural satellite!

Although the largest number of people on the planet definitely lives in the belief that the Earth has only one natural satellite, recently discovered another companion of our blue beauties.

It is the asteroid 2016 H 03, which was April 27 this year, scientists discovered at the University of Hawaii, and by the Pan – Stars 1 system for observing asteroids that could threaten Earth.

natural satellite

It is a relatively small body size from 30 to 100 meters, which is incorrect in its procession around the earth can be found at a distance of 38 to 100 times greater than that between the Earth and the Moon.

It is believed that this quasi-satellite Earth’s gravity grabbed a hundred years ago, this would in her arms should remain for centuries.

Moreover, this is not only Earth’s quasi-satellite, but undoubtedly the most impressive. Remember, the Earth orbits several similar objects, such as the 2003 YN 107, the much more unstable orbits, but what is it in 2016 H 03.

If you want to see how this natural satellite orbits of the above, be sure to look great NASA’s video below.

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