The new company of Elon Musk will makes robots for household

We must admit that for most of us, housework is a nightmare, but it is a bit strange as this advanced technology while still do not have a machine that this will work for us for example household robots?

However, it seems to be getting closer to it. Great entrepreneur Elon Musk announced that his new company for robotics “Open AI” will develop “domestic robots” that can perform basic household chores …

household robots elon musk

To speed up the whole process, “Open AI” will based household robots development of existing technology – so basically robots that now there will be amended to be able to perform domestic chores.

“Open AI” started operating in December 2015 and is led by Elon Musk and Sam Altman, president of the company “Y Combinator”.

Since then the company has provided funding of about one billion dollars through various Financed, including co-founder of “PayPal“, Peter Thiel.

The idea of this nonprofit organization is to bring artificial intelligence in our everyday life, rather than shut down laboratories worldwide.

household robots elon musk

To make a functional household robots is one of the goals of “Open AI“, while the other end is to make a robot that can normally understand the language.

Basically, they say that today’s robots can understand some very specific questions and commands, but the real intelligence should be able to ask questions to clarify and understand what is required of it in a practical, safe and clear way.

In this area there has been significant progress – such as this ghastly slave who almost single-handedly conversation visibly bewildered journalist.

Or is this little robot that scientists learn to follow instructions of the people only if they do not put at risk.

“Today there are promising algorithms management language, such as answering questions, syntactic analysis and machine translation, but that there are more advanced linguistic purposes, such as the ability for conversation, the ability to fully understand a document, and the ability to follow complex instructions. We expect that will develop new algorithms for learning “- said in a blog” Open AI “.

The ultimate goal of “Open AI” is to make a robot that can solve many different games as chess, “Go” and Rubik’s Cube.

All this sounds great and as for most things that make Musk – including attempts to take man to Mars, or to bring renewable energy to the average person, we are for that!

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