What Experts says: Shall We Discover “Aliens” In 2017?

What Experts says: Shall We Discover “Aliens” In 2017?

Simon Foster with King’s College London says that the most optimistic about exploration of Jupiter and Saturn and their moons.

With the probe we sent to other planets and new telescopes that look deep into the universe, scientists hope to 2017 could be the year when we get confirmation that the Earth is not the only place in the universe where life has evolved.

Strange signals that we found from the direction of 234 stars have forced many to think it’s about aliens, but many experts believe that even this is a false alarm. Simon Foster with King’s College London said the English Express that in the past we thought we found the aliens, but it was a new type of stars – pulsars.

– We do not know almost nothing and when we encounter something unknown or does not fit into our understanding of things, it is easy to say that they are aliens, while in many cases the phenomena which we have not yet discovered – he said and added that, in any However, progress around the corner.

With the probe around Jupiter and Saturn, there is optimism that we discover evidence of life. Foster most believes in the results of the Cassini spacecraft, which explores Saturn. This mission will end in September and Foster thinks it could lead to great discoveries. The physicist believes that there seems to be on Saturn’s satellite Enceladus and Europe could find traces of microbes.

Next year might reveal the huge number of new Earth like planets. So far, we found 3439, and are awaiting confirmation of 2416 only planet from Kepler mission. But in the universe moving new satellites with more advanced systems that will dramatically improve the detection capabilities of the planet. Among them TESS which next year is moving to a two year mission to study 200,000 stars.

New discoveries will bring the Meerkat and the SKA system and FAST telescope will in 2017 be in full force, and the Hubble successor James Webb Telescope in space will start a year later.

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