Fascinating Archaeological Discoveries Excavated City 5000 Years Old, Found 15 Large Tombs: ‘There Used To Live Very Important People’.

Fascinating archaeological discoveries excavated city 5000 years old, found 15 large tombs: ‘There used to live very important people’.

Experts pointed out that the size of about 15 new graves suggests that there are buried people in higher social status, which is likely to have lived in the city of important officials from earlier periods dynastic period in ancient Egypt.

More specifically, the archaeologists believe that this city was home to officials and builders of the royal tombs in the nearby holy city of Abydos in which are buried the first Egyptian pharaohs and which served as the capital during the pre dynastic and early dynastic period.

This fascinating discovery is significant not only for archaeologists but also for the whole of Egypt, which seeks to raise the legs fallen branch of tourism. Since the fall of Mubarak in 2011 Egypt constantly loses tourists. Egyptian officials also stressed that this discovery merit national archaeological mission that falls under the Ministry of Antiquities.

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