Jupiter is so large that it doesn’t actually revolve around the Sun.

The gas giant Jupiter, the fifth planet from the Sun, which was the target of the mission “Juno” is really huge.

Indeed so great is the actual and not orbit around the sun. At least not entirely. Because of the huge mass that is 2.5 times greater than all the other planets in the solar system together, the center of mass (center of gravity) between the Sun and Jupiter in fact not in the sun, but is at a point in space just above the Sun’s surface.

Here’s how it works:

When a small object orbiting around a large object in space, smaller does not move in a perfect circle around the most. Instead, the two objects orbit around a common center of gravity.

In situations which are known – like orbit of Earth around the Sun much larger, the center of gravity is located very close to the center of the larger object (the sun), so that the impact of this phenomenon is negligible. Most object looks like it does not move while the smaller circles around him.

But in reality, things are more complicated.

For example, when the International Space Station (ISS) orbiting the Earth, the Earth and the ISS orbiting a common center of gravity (gravity). He common center of gravity is so absolutely close to the center of the Earth as the planet movement around the point it is impossible to detect the ISS and it almost perfect circle around the entire planet.

The same goes for most planets orbiting the sun. Sun is so much larger than Earth, Mars, Venus, and even Saturn, which centers on their desk with the sun, lie within the star.

This is not the case with Jupiter.

This gas giant is so large that its center of mass or “baricentar” practically lying to 1.07 solar radii away from the middle of the sun – or 7 percent of the solar radius above the surface of the sun. The sun and Jupiter orbiting around that point in space.

This display made from NASA illustration of the effect.


Thus, in essence, the fifth planet Jupiter and the Sun moving through space together – although the distances and sizes are not in scale. Jupiter is still just a fraction of the size of the sun.

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