Ford is developing a car without a steering wheel and accelerator pedal and brake

In five years, when you order a cab Ford, for you will get a car in which there will be no driver.

The plans of companies such as Google and Tesla the automotive industry has long been known to us, and their bosses believe that in the future the roads around the world to drive cars which will manage the computer. Computers are, according to this data at once, better drivers than men (of course, surely many would disagree with these statements bosses at once) and always kept a proper distance from the other vehicle, respect the signs, speed limits, always drive within their lanes etc., is not yet known when the first Google cars become available to everyone (ie, those who will be able to afford), but as of this week are known concrete plans of Ford and from the company announced that their cars that will not have the steering wheel nor the accelerator pedal and the brakes will be available in 2021.

ford autonomous

Mark Fields announced a major investment in a center for research and development of technologies for autonomous cars, as well as millions of investments in technology companies developing this technology. However, their cars will be designed for the “ordinary” users, but Ford’s intention to sell them a taxi service and companies like Uber (of course, Ford may launch its own service, but about it in this company still does not want to talk) – speaking of the future in which robots will people ‘steal’ jobs, a large number of analysts announced that it very much felt in the transport industry in which, instead of people, vehicles operate computers and robots. Their cars will use LiDAR technology based on laser that is considered the most reliable for use in autonomous cars. In America, the cars with autonomous technology ranked in five levels, and Ford cars will work on the fourth level (eg. Tesla’s cars run on level 2) indicating the high autonomy of these cars can drive unsupervised people, but only under certain conditions – for example. not bad weather or just in the area that was previously mapped.

ford autonomous

Ford cars, at least initially, will operate only in certain cities in the US, and probably will eventually be able to drive and in areas outside the cities. From Ford does not yet speak of a particular design and specifications of the car itself, but first want to improve technology for autonomous driving, and over time will present itself in the car which will be the steering wheel nor the accelerator and brakes.

Source: USA Today

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