Freefly VR Glasses For IPhone And Android Devices

Freefly VR Glasses For IPhone And Android Devices.

And Conrad have horse for race there, but these are Freefly VR glasses with a game pad in the package.

Conrad represents Freefly, glasses virtual reality with the wide field of view of 120 degrees, with which the kit comes with a game controller.

How Conrad hard, with Freefly VR glasses compatible with most of the newer smartphones like the iPhone 6 and later, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, LG L Series / Mini / Vista / Pro Lite, Sony Xperia, HTC Butterfly / Desire / One and the dimensions of the phone should be a minimum of 135 to a maximum of 165 mm length and 90 mm in width.

To glasses is available 160 applications for iOS, and 400 applications for Android devices. Although all of the content available, as they use anamorphic lenses to improve the field of vision, Freefly VR goggles support content created just for this type of lens. And are compatible with Google Cardboard, after scanning the QR code.

Conrad said the price of glasses $ 94, and notifies customers to take advantage of a variety of Conrad holiday discounts.

vr glasses

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