You’ll Be Able To Buy A Full-Sized BB-8 For $180!

You’ll Be Able To Buy A Full-Sized BB 8 For $180!

Our galaxy is blessed with companies like Sphero designing, building, and selling near spot-on remakes of Star Wars’ lovable droids. The current offerings are accurate in terms of design aesthetic, but size is lacking.

First seen by Gizmodo, a much larger version of BB 8 will be offered by toy company Spin Master. Much more gargantuan than Sphero’s offering, Spin Master’s version is said to be over 16-inches in diameter. A joystick remote, similar to the Wii Nunchuk, is used to control the toy, but Spin Master is also including voice commands so users can recite their favorite Star Wars: The Force Awakens dialogue in hopes to get BB-8 to react.

Sphero’s BB 8 was a first of its kind, but Spin Master has included a smart set of features to put Sphero to shame. This new droid will follow you automatically, position its head to your voice, and roll over to you when you call it.

bb 8

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Spin Master is expected to reveal their droid at the New York Toy Fair, but don’t expect a product rollout just yet. The company is looking for a fall release date with a retail price slightly higher than Sphero’s at $180. Nonetheless, if this new droid performs as well as they say it should, then spending a little extra for an additional BB-8 will be totally worth it for you and your collection.

Source: Gizmodo


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