German scientists have created a micro camera with the size of a grain of salt (Video)

German engineers have created a micro camera that is not bigger than a grain of salt. The camera can cause a revolution in medicine and oversight.

With the help of 3D printing, researchers at the University of Stuttgart made camera with three lenses and then they set up at the end of an optical fiber with a thickness of two human hairs.

This technology can be used for intrusive endoscopy for exploring inside the body. Also, will can apply to almost invisible security cameras or mini robots with autonomous form.

So far, have been no lenses of this size to be used in key areas in medicine, so this camera is a true innovation.

It was necessary only a few hours to design, to print and to be tested. Tests showed high optical performance and incredible compactness.

Camera lens is 0.1 millimeters wide. It can focus on certain images at a distance of 3.0 mm, and is small enough to fit in a standard needle syringe. It will allow to enter into any human body and even the brain.

3D Print Micro Camera:

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