Google will develop artificial intelligence in Europe

Giant from Mountain View opened a new research laboratory dedicated to machine learning (artificial intelligence), in Zurich, Switzerland. Machine Learning Research Group, a research laboratory, which will deal with machine learning, will be part of Google’s existing research center in Europe.

The announcement comes four years after Google began to aggressively deal with the technology of machine learning, three months after Google’s artificial intelligence beat one of the best players the game has a few weeks after the Google codify its approach to artificial intelligence during the annual conference for developers developers and / 0th.

google artificial intelligence

During the conference was presented by Google Assistant, digital assistant based on voice communications which should compete with Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alex. Google’s Sundar Pichai boss then boasted that their understanding of speech far ahead of the competition.

Zurich was chosen because it is the seat of many of the world’s leading universities.

This song has created artificial intelligence

Google artificial intelligence composed his first song. Based on the initial four notes there was a long melody almost 90 seconds.

Program Magenta, designed to Google’s machine learning systems able to create music and other arts, threw the first concrete piece of work: almost a minute and a half long melody. Drums and orchestration were added later.

google artificial intelligence

Along with the new achievement Google announced and post on a blog breaks down goals Magenta.

In the long term, the program should improve the hardware and the resulting art around you bring together a community of artists. In the short term, this means creating a system that can be combined with tools that artists already using.

They will take with support for audio and video tools to work with formats such as MIDI and platforms that will assist artists in connecting with models for machine learning of the artificial intelligence.

something more at: Mashable

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