The oldest vertebrates on the planet: The Greenland shark can live to 400 years

The oldest vertebrates on the planet: The Greenland shark can live to 400 years. New research also reveals that BLUEBACK sharks reach sexual maturity only 150 years. What is the secret of longevity The Greenland shark?

Animals originating from ice, deep waters of the North Atlantic, can live for at least 272 years and possibly to experience the ripe old age of 500 years, says the American edition of National Geographic.

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“We expected that the research will show that these are long-lived animals, but I was surprised that it turned out to be able to experience this much age,” said study leader Julius Nilsen, a biologist at the University of Copenhagen.

Because of its remote habitat and elusive nature, the great shark little is known including battery life. Some studies have suggested that the extremely slow-growing (less than a centimeter per year), suggesting that their lifespan in a range of other vertebrates.


Determining the age of a fish bone can be easily done by analyzing their otoliths or ear stones, but since it is mainly composed of a shark cartilage and that the lack of hard, calcified tissue, this process is a bit cumbersome, but scientists have found another way to discover the age BLUEBACK sharks : look in their eyes.

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Researchers analyzed 28 female Greenland shark that died accidentally during a commercial fish monitoring program at the Institute for Natural Resources on Greenland.

“The secret of success of this study lies in the analysis of sharks of different ages and sizes,” says Nilsen.

Special method for determining the age of 28 sharks, which contains organic material using radiougljenika (radioactive isotope of carbon) it was found that the life expectancy of at least 272, according to the study, which was published in the journal Science.

The longest shark of 392 years of age

The longest shark research (5 meters long) had about 392 years. Nilsen said that there are still some uncertainties with this assessment. He and his colleagues have discovered with 95 percent certainty that the shark between 272 and 512 years old and it is most likely comes to the age of 390 years.

Moreover, it was found that females BLUEBACK sharks reach sexual maturity at lengths greater than 4 meters, which is likely to reach 156 years.

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It is unknown why they live so long, or cold environment causes low body temperature, which slows metabolism and less damage to the tissue of animals.

These results are of great importance, because the population of sharks BLUEBACK unknown. If you are kind of rare, even the death of the cult animal can be a big loss.

Not only are sharks ever caught accidentally during fishing, but also their habitat may be affected by climate change.

“Longevity is amazing and I hope that the public will recognize how important this is due to the fact that we keep the Arctic ecosystems and deep water,” said Aaron Fisk, an ecologist at the University Vindzdor.

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