Home-made laser bazooka (VIDEO)

Mad scientist made a hand gun laser bazooka whose light was 33 million times stronger than the sun.

YouTube user named styropyro has long known for its viral videos related mainly to lasers made at home, including the prepaid and functional lightsaber.

His latest project is a laser bazooka of 200 watts, which is probably the most powerful hand-laser “weapons” that someone has ever made in his garage.

As always, styropyro for making this laser used all available components and parts to waste, so the eBay purchased a cheap electronics, parts DLP video projector, lens, while the “bazooka” screwdriver stuck with the role of the safety switch, as you can see in this video.

All this eventually resulted in a laser that is 400 times stronger than the laser that can be sold in the United States. Young people “mad scientist” states that this laser is extremely dangerous for the eyes, because his light in the direct goal was 33 million times stronger than that emitted by the sun when you look at him.

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