Huawei announced a new era in mobile telephony

Huawei announced a new era in mobile telephony.

The third largest manufacturer of smart phones last year reached a figure of 139 million units shipped smartphones, and the total investment in research and development over the past decade have exceeded $ 38 billion.

Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 held in Las Vegas, presented the vision of intelligent phone Huawei driven artificial intelligence as the next significant step forward in mobile telephony, a stressed and the latest Huawei cooperation with Amazon and Google .

Likewise, smartphones Mate Pro 9 and exclusive Porsche Design Mate 9 first Huawei devices with support for Amazon’s Alex, and Google platform for virtual reality Daydream.

On that occasion, he again stressed the commitment to innovation and cooperation with other leading companies in the industry as the core values that the company Huawei aims to improve the daily lives of people around the world, and his speech was attended by nearly three thousand visitors.

In the past five years, Huawei has become one of the top three brands of smartphones in the world. During the presentation, Richard Yu emphasized the three pillars on which Huawei is based the passion, the collective wisdom and significant innovation that have contributed to the success of the company.

Shipments of smart phones reached 139 million units, an increase of 29% compared to the previous year. According to IPSOS, the brand recognition in the global market as it grew, from 76% to 81%.

Through continuous investment in research and development, which in the past ten years exceeded $ 38 billion, Huawei will lead the next period in innovation to further inspire and empower humanity. As part of this strategy,

Huawei will leverage the collective wisdom of the world’s greatest minds, both within the company and those outside it, in order to jointly create the next era in consumer electronics.

In accordance with the needs of the modern world to be fully and seamlessly connected digital, Huawei is trying to realize the conditions that will ultimately result in the launch of smart phones, as well as the next steps in the development of smart phones.

First we give the PC access to information, followed by the Internet, which has enabled us to share information, and today we live in a world where everything is connected, which Richard Yu called the world in which intelligent devices continually generate and collect data about our environment.

To be successful in this intelligent world, the arrival of artificial intelligence integrated into today’s smart phones allows a significant step forward, and also brings us closer to the next stage of development of mobile technology – an intelligent phone.

Intelligent phone, based on artificial intelligence, will be able to anticipate the needs of users with new functionality that will suit the way they think. In order to accelerate its development, Huawei is working on improving the technology of sensors, robot learning, data processing and chipset, and this advanced technology could unite the digital and human intelligence with the aim of further improvement of human life.

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