A huge circle of trees was discovered only a few kilometers from Stonehenge (Video)

Last year, the front pages of the media were flooded with the discovery of a giant circular structure about 5 times larger than Stonehenge, just 3.2 kilometers northeast of this famous site – what scientists have dubbed Superhenge.

At that time, the researchers detected what they saw as 90 stone monoliths buried Neolithic settlement called “Durrington Walls”, but further research showed that the huge “Superhenge” is actually made of wood. For some reason, it was hastily buried.


Scientists are still filling in the gaps, but consider that this site could be evidence of violent religious and political climate at the time of construction – about 4,500 years.

Superhendzh was first discovered by geophysical surveying instead of a real excavation, which proved huge monoliths buried in a circular structure about 500 meters in diameter. The picture below is presented as it might seem.

But now, having made a real excavations, have not found any evidence of stone slabs, but found some 120 large pits that were probably placed trees. So far excavated only two containing evidence of trees that have been vertically raised and removed at some stage of construction.


What is particularly surprising about the site is that the circle was never completed, because it seems that shortly before someone ended uprooted wooden columns and hastily buried holes. The circular structure that today can be seen seems to have been built to bury it underneath, suggests a new mode that literally wanted to bury the past.

Archaeologists also found a tool – shovel that was buried at the bottom of the hole before it is buried.

Further research is needed, and the excavation of a much larger number of such pits for researchers to be able to submit their hypothesis about what they think really happened. It is the site to reflect the passage of Great Britain from the Neolithic period to the Bronze Age.

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