10 most intelligent animals in the world

The magical world of smart animals, 10 most intelligent animals in the world

This beautiful blue planet we share with many wonderful creatures, some of which are very intelligent (some would say, even more intelligent than some people).

For some of them, but you certainly have heard – such as apes, dolphins and parrots, and other animals to you on this list may surprise you. See which are the most intelligent animals on Earth.

10th Octopus

Octopus is one of the smartest animals in the sea. Although much more we do not know about them, scientists are constantly discovering new, impressive features of these cephalopods. One play, solve problems, navigating through mazes and have an impressive short-term memory.

9th Pigeons

most intelligent

These birds, which are not very popular among the people, they have an excellent memory. I can remember his appearance in the mirror, as well as hundreds of different images / photos, and learn the route to your home from a very distant destination (because they are commonly used as carrier pigeons). Pigeons are excellent and multitasking – can divide their attention to several things at the same time and complete several tasks in the short term. This is an impressive feat that can not be too many animals.

8th Pigs

Experts say they have emotions, sensibility, easily offended and can be bored. They are very social and easy to train, some even say – a lot easier than dogs. In laboratory pigs have proved better at playing video games than primates. Pigs, too, dreams and recognize their own name.

7th Dogs

People’s best friends are very social, understand commands and obedience, so it is easy to train. Dogs can recognize and remember animal or human subjects that have been met, and recognize and radio and television. They are very emotional, can be quite sensitive on this point, and even jealous, but when someone hurts you it will never forget. Anyone who has had more than one dog – knows that every dog and every person, has its own character.

6th Parrots

Parrots are among the smartest birds, and many of them can learn a lot of people – can imitate human speech, to understand the meaning, to remember many words and sentences themselves disagree. Some of the smartest parrots are: cockatoo, parakeets, macaws … And among them, led by the African gray parrots, which are very social, friendly and intelligent animals. They can learn hundreds of human words and sounds that can be used in the correct context. Some scientists claim that the parrots have the same intelligence as the child is four or five years.

5th Crows

most intelligent

Crows are considered one of the smartest birds (with parrots). One can also learn to speak, and to count, differentiate between complex shapes and carry out tasks after showing how. Scientists have proved that crows recognize people and while wearing masks, not remembered only individuals but also groups. Intelligence emphasizing the crows of New Caledonia. They know how to use the materials in order to get hold of food – without bending the wire, the rods or forcing them termites from trees, and will solve problems and how to get their food. Tools are used to help Savile nest so of waste know how to make “knife” which cut the grass and thin branches. Creative thinking is a sign of intelligence, and these animals can and much more. They express complex social behavior and execute very complex tasks such as theft – and this without using other crows as scouts and fake bait.

4. Rats

However much they some disgusted, rats are very intelligent animals and used them for no reason in many scientific experiments. Laboratory rats know to find a way out and very complex mazes, and have the mental ability called the metacognition that, as far as is currently known, are only humans and primates. They can also use their sharp sense of smell and hearing to locate mines and bombs, and from blood samples can identify those containing the bacteria of tuberculosis. Rats show excitement, loss, stress, even insulting.

3rd Dolphins

Dolphins are very social animals. They can find and recognize their “relatives” who are miles apart and have their own complex language with which to communicate. As far as communication with people – they can easily learn hand signals, addressed a variety of tests that scientists come up to them, understand the concept of numbers, but I can understand and respond to questions about facilities and outside their current range. They can keep track of information they receive and acoustically and visually, allowing them to recognize scenes on television (something that monkeys must learn). Dolphins are aware of themselves and their bodies – and they can even use a mirror or reflective glass to identify and explore the tags randomly drawn on their body (and elephants).

2nd Elephants

The brain of the average elephant weighs about 5 kilograms or more. Other large mammals like a rhinoceros or hippopotamus do not have that big brain, and it is the brain credited as elephants know how to use various objects and items without having them first learn how they are used properly. They do this using your intellect and intuition. They know how to clean your food and use different tools to help you to obtain food or cleaning. Elephants have one of the most complex social structure among all animals. One indication of their intelligence and altruism, or sacrifice an animal for the well-being of the herd. Elephants are known for their altruism in defense of cubs in the herd. Elephants know and heal ourselves – chewing certain plants depending on what it hurts. They also have special rituals when one of the elephant dies, after being with people, unique on this planet. Elephants are very playful, which helps them develop skills and spatial reasoning. Its trunk can be used to keep her subjects, such as the paintbrush – and with it the paint on the canvas.

1st Primates – chimpanzees and orangutans

most intelligent

Impressive intelligence of monkeys have long fascinated people. They can make themselves miscellaneous tools, hunt in groups and can solve complex problems. They can also learn sign language, it makes sense to communicate with each other and with people, and to remember someone’s name, even if that person had not seen for years.

The chimps quickly learn, perform cognitive and creative tasks and have better memory than the vast majority of animals. With all that we have already mentioned in relation to the monkeys, the chimpanzee is important to say that they are very social and flexible. They have the ability to think ahead – including the use of tactical maneuvers and attacks – for example, on the hunt for prey. They often use and mental manipulation within their family in order to get what they want. Recently, chimpanzees who have learned the spoken language began her cubs on their own initiative (without help or prompting people) learn spoken language.

Orangutans are considered among the smartest primates (some consider them to be even smarter than chimpanzees). For example, they can learn to use planks, hammer and nails to build the structure, and know even use a funnel and tube to direct the water where they want. Many will say to the other monkeys could learn it, but what makes orangutans special is their ability to understand why it works and how it can be helpful in the wild. For example, one orangutans have learned that if I make a simple protective structure using only things available to him in the wild. When he was released into the wild, orangutan, when he needed it, I made my “box” to take shelter from the rain.

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