Lamp From Micro Algae That Destroys The Carbon Dioxide From The Air (VIDEO)

  Car exhaust contribute 25% to the annual emissions of carbon dioxide. French biochemist Pierre Calleja, who 20 years working with microalgae, designed fascinating ecological lamp that can illuminate streets and parking lots while it cleans the air of carbon dioxide.

 The lamp works without power requirements, and even without solar energy, and it powered by green algae that glow. The lamp uses energy produced by the algae during the process of photosynthesis, while algae feed on carbon dioxide from the air outside. 

The lamp is designed to store energy from photosynthesis for future use. On this way when will transfer to a place where there is not much, the lamp will can to shine without it need an external power source.

One of this lamps can to absorb one ton of carbon dioxide over a period of one year, which is the same as if you planted 150 to 200 trees. One of the first lamps were placed on a parking lot in the French city of Bordeaux. Pierre Calleja had trouble with finding investors for the lamp, because it may seem interesting, he himself believes that humanity is not prepared for such designs.

The dream of these lamps  Pierre Calleja is in the future to be found in every home. If these lights start to be commercialized, it will help with combat for the climate change and air pollution, because they can be placed anywhere.


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