Amazing Lenovo (YOGA 900)

The new Lenovo – YOGA  900 laptop is a slim, lightweight and stronger than ever.

Lenovo launched four years ago to changes the way where people can use computers today. It would be combining innovative new design and functionality of the original first created YOGA device in the world. This YOGA 900 thinnest Intel Core and convertible laptop in the world provides a balance between performance and mobility with movable joints characteristic of YOGA.


Technology adapted to the better style of life


  1. The world’s thinnest Intel convertible laptop
  2. Lightweight (14,9 mm and 1.29. Kg)
  3. Flexibility with four models (laptops, grill, tent, and tablets), and certainly an opportunity for users to watching or playing in different scenarios.
  4. Dazzling QHD+ (3200 x 1800) IPS Display & Dolby enhanced audio
  5. Processor: Up to 6th Intel Core i7 processor
  6. Operating System: Windows 10 Home
  7. Battery life: Up to 9 hours
  8. Memory: Up to 16 GB of RAM, up to 8.0 GB pc3 12800 DDR3L


Lenovo laptop to create a recognisably different Swivel of woven 800 individual pieces. Its battery lasts 50 percent longer (compared to previous generation), which allows 9 hours duration of video playback. You can use it as a means to work in transatlantic flights. You can use it as a tablet for writing or cinema for watching movies. 13.3 inch IPS + QHD screen has a wide viewing angle, which takes full advantage of all the benefits of Windows 10 and provides digital content in reality in vivid colors.


Entertainment becomes with full JBL® stereo speakers and Dolby Audio® Premium for strong, clear sound. Produces quality sound that provides a good virtual sound to adjust the speaker and headphone where users provide quality home cinema.


Even with its ultra-slim design, Lenovo’s improved cooling system by 30 percent. all this is due to the different thermal solutions and uniquely designed ventilation structures. Now not only cool more, is now cleaner and quieter. Its cost is about $ 1,199.

Performance for lenovo YOGA 900 on this video:

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