Scientists have discovered an amazing way to force the leukemia cells to kill each other

It is known that cancer of the blood and bone marrow, leukemia, quite difficult to treat. Medical treatments often do not help, but may be back with cured patients. But the latest research, published in the journal Proceedings of the Academy of Sciences, revealed the possibility that the leukemia cells to kill each other.

More specifically, scientists at Scripps Research Institute have designed a method that assures leukemia cells that are transformed into cell killers leukemia. And to change their own biological settings. The key is very rare antibody. But how will it work?

Antibodies are composed of proteins that are normally produced in the immune system. Will act like a “fox” to “officer” of white blood cells. Will receive the intruder and neutralize them directly or mark them for destruction.

leukemia cells kill eachother

Scientists have recently tried to determine antibody therapies which treat people who have defects in immune cells, where bone marrow does not produce enough white blood cells. They hoped to be able to detect antibodies to activate receptors on developing cells that could affect their development. It managed to achieve in recent years. But they did not expect that antibodies to convert undeveloped cells in the bone marrow cells of a different type, such as those typically found in the nervous system.

Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is an aggressive form of the disease that attacks the myeloid cells within the body, which fight parasites, bacterial infections and prevent the spread of decomposition of tissue. Patients with AML have too many white blood cells in the bone marrow, which suppresses the production of other types of blood cells.

Scientists have burdened the blood sample powerful, damaging cells AML that carries antibodies that stimulate cell growth. What they found was startling. Antibodies are changed AML cells in dendritic cells, which are important in the immune system. After prolonged treatment antibodies and the cells developed into cells that resemble the behavior of those who hunt and kill the threat inside the body, including cancer cells, bacteria and viruses.

These cells-killers have shown the ability to spread their tendrils and destroying as many as 15 percent of cancer cells in a blood sample within 24 hours. It is also important that these cells have a “fratricidal” instinct and target only the cells that were previously AML, but not other cancer cells.

Scientists believe that this method, which they called fratricidal therapy, can be used to transform a range of cancer cells in certain natural-killer cells that should completely cure a person with leukemia.

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