Maguss the AR Harry Potter GO game (VIDEO)

Maguss the AR Harry Potter GO game. The authors of the game have not yet managed to agree on licensing the owners of the Harry Potter brand.

The great success of AR games Pokemon GO good came the authors games Maguss, who for two years developing a title that could be called an advanced version of Niantic game that is in the past few months certainly slowed down the Internet because of the large “attack” on a server.

The idea of the author is that the players in the real space using their smartphones and controller as a magic wand (Maguss Wand) featured positional sensors and Bluetooth roam the world, reveal secrets, magic formulas and drinks, meet fantastic characters, so the calculation wands against monsters or mutually. This means that each player assume the role of a wizard that will perform a variety of quests, socialize with other wizards, and strive to become the greatest of all, as you can see in this video.

maguss go

It is clear that this setting quite reminiscent of the Harry Potter franchise, but it does not hide the authors, who are in the beginning of the development of this openly, while trying to make contact with Warner Bros, writer J. K. Rowling and other owners of rights to copyright to Moguss was released just under that franchise.

After their Unfortunately it turned out that this will not be an easy job, because no one has not an interest to enter into a partnership with Magussom, and the only answer they came up through the Twitter account of British Harry Potter’s office, who had warned them of possible copyright infringement case your game classes linked to their franchise.

Although the authors still hope cooperation with the owners of Harry Potter license, have now decided to legally protect but in its materials more nowhere mostly young wizard fantasy J. K. Rowling, and on its web site in the “disclaimer” explicitly pointed out that Maguss has nothing to do with Harry Potter.

This means that Maguss officially declared independent AR game that combines fantasy and reality, although it is obvious to everyone, from where they got the inspiration.

In the most recent press report that the game will be free, while the wand / controller priced at thirty dollars, but they say that to play you will not need to own. All magic will run exclusively smartphone, to shy players who might feel like idiots walking the streets with a magic wand Harry Potter would not be discouraged.

Although the idea of the game pretty interesting, and the success of Pokemon GO indicates the potential success of such titles, the only problem we see is that Nintendo Niantic and his success a lot more based on the name of the Pokemon franchise than the gameplay. Therefore, we think that with the Harry Potter name Maguss could become a big hit, while without it could experience a crash in the market.

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