Milkomeda will be the new colliding Galaxy (VIDEO)

The Andromeda Galaxy is currently moving toward our Milky Way Galaxy with 110 km/s, and for 4 billion years they will collide and will form a new Galaxy Milkomeda.


On the video below you can see a scientifical simulation of their collision, enjoy the simulation…

Andromeda Galaxy contains about 1 trillion (10^12) stars and our Milky Way have 300 (3^11) billion stars.Because of the huge distance between the stars the chance for colliding in the new Milkomeda Galaxy is negligible.

When two Galaxies colliding all hydrogen which is present on their disks is compressed with producing strong star formation it can be seen on interacting systems like the Antennae Galaxies.

The process of forming the new Milkomeda Galaxy will be millions of years.

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