The moment for blood freezing: The tiger save tamer when the leopard chasing him (Video)

The moment for blood freezing: Pretty dramatic footage of refuge for big cats Black Jaguar White Tiger in Mexico spread to the Internet and due to the world’s media.

The tamer of wild cats and owner refuge Eduardo Serio passed the time quite common – cuddling with a lion that is left to his own hands so as the inverted on the back and exposed his belly. Otherwise, the cat world, when your cat is exposed belly and allow you to be in that place pat, thus showing complete relaxation and trust in the person because it is the most vulnerable part of the body.

While Serio stroked the lioness, in the background we see a tiger Aztlan and further leopard Dharma. Both seem to have found a party.

However, at one point Dharma rises in blood freezing moment, explores the terrain, examines what happens and then catches a collision. It seems like it started running towards Eduardo when it suddenly throws tiger Aztlan, writes The Sun.

blood freezing

Both also come to the team, which is already izležvala on the grass, leopard throws himself to the floor, also on the back and begins to spin, typically showing a desire to play. However tamer one a lesson to her and thank tiger in Spanish as it is spared who knows what.

The video was recorded in October 2015, but has only now become popular after being chosen to share on social networking site Reddit.

Many were shocked by the sight, thinking that the leopard had launched an attack on the tamer, a tiger by pushing heroically saved. However, it is also possible that the leopard went into play as the tiger definitely accepted. It’s hard to believe that the tiger predicted intention leopard to jump right to Eduardo, and then it and saved.

The organization for the protection of wild cats Black Jaguar White Tiger Instagram has 5.6 million fans on Facebook and nearly two million. Otherwise, as long as you have fans, so there are many of those who deny the good intentions of refuge, and the owner, Series, accused of abuse of wildlife, illegal cultivation and resale.

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