The Moon Is Older Than Previously Thought, And We Know Why

The moon is older than previously thought, and we know why.

Solar system was then old only 60 million years ago, Earth was still hot, bombed the asteroids.

Two spectacular news about the origin of the moon in a few days. The research team around Melanie Barboni from UCLA published an article in “Science Advances” to the analysis of samples of the lunar soil to Earth passed another mission Apollo-14 from 1971, show that the Moon was formed any 60 million years after the formation of the solar system and it is older than we know.

This is the estimated age of the Earth’s only natural satellite has increased to between 40 and 140 million years, depending on whose estimates earlier word. This is an age of 4.51 billion years, which have come to zircon dating have found that in the samples, in combination with the analysis of radioactive elements.

What will be the life of the solar system, when Earth is not? Another thing from the world of science related to the moon’s article published in the journal “Nature Geoscience”.

Israeli researcher Raluca Rufu with Weizmann Institute published the results of its computer models to show that the amount of material from which the moon is made, in Earth’s orbit could be thrown strikes 20 asteroids larger in the time of the Earth.

Earth and Moon are usually made of very similar, almost identical material, where scientists have for years drew the logical conclusion of the common origin of the two bodies of the solar system.

Ideas of this kind of occurrence of the moon existed before, but it has so far not succeeded in establishing itself as a proven because it was thought that an asteroid hitting the Earth into orbit more material that comes from the Earth asteroids than material. It is this, that asteroid bombardment of the Earth before he got the atmosphere and while its orbital path buzzer so the space rocks, proved Ruf.

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