Astronomers Are Baffled: No One Knows How To Explain The Mysterious Object In Our Solar System! (VIDEO)

The mysterious object that lies beyond Neptune’s orbit behave erratically – violates the usual rules of orbit, scientists can not explain. Trans-Neptunian object is nicknamed Niku, which in Chinese means “rebellious.”

“I hope that tied seat belts, because our solar system just got even weirder,” wrote Twitter Michelle Bannister, an astronomer at Queen’s University in Belfast, referring to the discovery of trans-Neptunian object, something that is situated in the Solar System beyond Neptune. The house is 160,000 times fainter than Neptune, but scientists still managed to observe the twenty-two times. According to estimates, this “ice world” probably around 200 kilometers across. Currently located above the plane of the solar system and every day more moves up and back toward the sun. And that’s exactly what we all wonder.

“When you consider that this mysterious object  Nicu orbits the sun in the opposite direction from almost everything else in the solar system, it is difficult to conclude why Nicu got that name,” wrote New Scientist.

One theory is that Nicu gravity affects a large celestial object. There are other theories, such as the known “Super Earth” known as the ninth planet or Nemesis, never previewed brown “sister” of our sun or a dwarf unknown in the Kuiper Belt. And all “problematic” when attempts are made to explain the path of Nicu.

Astronomers concluded that “mechanism that causes and maintains alignment of the object is unknown jet.” It seems a possible collision to Nicu sent in its own orbit or that trans Neptunian facility was “snatched” from another part of the galaxy when sufficient approached the sun. But still not known whether any of these theories could confidently explain his behavior.

Check this out on the video below:

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