Here’s How Nikola Tesla Envisioned Humanity From 2010 To 2035!

Here’s how Nikola Tesla envisioned humanity from 2010 to 2035!

Is Tesla video well and how far? How much is a hit? What is telling about the time that is for us the future? As Tesla imagined our time, from 2010 to 2035?

Some time ago we found a less famous article, published in the journal “Liberty”, February 1937, in which Tesla, we thought, amazing detail about the not so near future, writes the site “Magazine of the planet”. “I think I’ve always been ahead of its time,” said Tesla.

Nikola Tesla was then 78 years and it is already known that the father of radio, television, energy transfer, the induction motor and the discovery of cosmic rays. At that time revealed the existence of previously unknown source of energy, present everywhere and in unlimited quantities; and at the time the article was published, he worked on the development of devices for which it claimed that future wars useless.

Tesla and Edison are often portrayed as rivals. They are rivals were to a certain extent, the struggle for supremacy of alternating and direct current from which Tesla emerged victorious.

He won the battle; large power plants at Niagara Falls and plants in many other places based on his system. In every way the two of them were different. Edison was a genius for the practical and immediately applicable inventions.

Tesla, whose findings were far ahead of his time, caused a lot of controversy, so his findings often for years waiting for the recognition and implementation.

However, the great physicists like Kelvin (Kelvin) and Crux (Crookes), mostly on its findings as of miracles. “Tesla”, he said Professor Ken (AE Kennelly), Harvard University, in the allocation of the Edison Medal Tesla, “laid the foundation for new developments around the world …

What he showed, was a revelation for the science and art of all time. ” “If,” observes Behrend (BA Behrend), the famous writer and engineer, “should we give up the results of the work of Mr. Tesla, the wheels of industry would cease to turn, stood to electric cars and trains, our cities would find in the dark, mills fell silent and died. “

Tesla’s future

“Prediction is a thankless task. No one can not see too far into the future. Progress and inventions are developed in different directions from those we anticipated.

Such was my experience, although flatter myself that the events confirmed in various directions that I foresaw in the first third of the 20th century.

I seem to have always been ahead of its time. I was supposed to wait for nineteen years to make it work power plant at Niagara Falls based on my system, it’s been fifteen years before my patent for wireless signal transmission, was published in 1893 found universal application.

I announced the cosmic rays and my theory of radioactivity in 1896. One of the most important discoveries – resonance of the Earth – as the basis of wireless power, which I published in 1899, many people do not understand even today.

Almost two years after I did the transmission of electricity around the entire planet, Edison, Steinmetz (Steinmetz), Marconi and others have argued that it is impossible to wirelessly transmit across the Atlantic even plain signal. As I hinted at so many important discoveries, I think not too far wrong if you try to predict how it will look life in the 21st century.

Life is and always will be equation whose solution is elusive, but it still contains certain known facts. With confidence we can say that life is movement, although insufficient know its nature. To navigate the necessary body moves and the force that it pushes and helps to overcome the resistance.

The man, in general, is a mass which suppresses force. Hence the general laws in the realm of mechanics, which apply to the movement, can be applied to mankind.

There are three ways to enhance the energy that determines human progress: first, we can increase the weight. This would, in the case of mankind, meant to improve living conditions, health, development type and the like.

Second, we can reduce the drag force which hinder progress, such as ignorance, stupidity and religious fanaticism. Third, we can multiply the energy of the human mass mastering the forces of the universe, such as the force of the sun, the ocean, the winds and the tides.

Buddha, Jesus and mechanicism

The first method we achieve more food and general welfare. Others are creating conditions for peace. Third increases our ability to work and create.

Progress, any, is impossible if our efforts are not aimed at increasing prosperity, to peace and to the creation. After that the mechanistic conception of life unique to the teachings of Buddha and Jesus.

Although I am not a believer in the orthodox sense, relying on religion. First, because every man has to have a certain ideal – religious, artistic, scientific or humanitarian – that his life had a meaning. Second, because of all the great religions contain wise recommendations for the good life that are valid today as in the time when they occur.

There is no conflict between the ideals of the teachings and ideals of religion, but science is opposed to theological dogmas because science is based on facts. For me, the universe is just a big machine that never became and will never disappear. A human being is not an exception in the natural order of things.

The man, like the universe, machine. Nothing gets through our mind or affect our operations, directly or indirectly, but that does not answer the messages that senses we receive from the environment.

Due to the similarity of our construction and our environment, all similarly respond to similar effects as a result of our response, we come to an understanding. Toko all these centuries, have evolved infinitely complex mechanisms. However, what we call the “soul” or “spirit,” is nothing more than the sum of all functions of the body. When these functions disappear, disappear and the “soul” or “spirit”.

I have these ideas put forward long before the behaviorists, led by Paul in Russia and Watson (Watson) in the United States, announced its new concept of psychology. This, obviously mechanistic understanding is not contrary to the ethical conceptions of life.

General acceptance of these settings would not have destroyed the religious ideals. Today, Buddhism and Christianity the largest religion, and the number of believers and in character. I believe that their fundamental understanding to build a new religion of the human race in the 21st century.

The flowering of compassion and pity

In 2100 the development of life will be under the complete control of science. In the past, the law of the struggle for survival, largely disappeared less similar characteristics.

A man’s new sense of pity confronts inexorable operation of nature. As a result, continue to preserve the life or the development of under custom members of the human species.

The only methods that fit our sense of civilized behavior sterilization and suppression of the sexual instinct with maladjusted individuals. Several European Union and some States of the United States decided to sterilize criminals and mentally disturbed persons. That’s not enough.

Scientists are constantly pressing for the establishment of wedlock do as difficult as possible. Anyone who is not a reliable parent will not be allowed to produce offspring.

For a century from now, any normal person will be equally unacceptable to communicate with maladjusted members of society as well as common criminals.

Hygiene and physical culture will recognize parts of the education system and the state apparatus. Minister of Hygiene and Physical Education, 2035, the government of the then US president, will be more important than the defense minister. Pollution of our coast, as it is today around New York City, for our children and grandchildren will be unimaginable as we imagined life without water supply and sewage. Water supply will be strictly controlled and only a mad man will use water that is not sterilized.

More people dying or falling ill from contaminated water than from coffee, tea, tobacco and other stimulants. Personally, I gave up all stimulants. Also, practically do not eat meat. I am convinced that a hundred years from coffee, tea and tobacco will not be so attractive.

Alcohol will, however, continue to use, because it is not a stimulant but tested elixir of life. Stimulants will not disappear under duress. Simply no longer be fashionable to poison the body with harmful ingredients. Natural foods, such as milk, honey, cereals will be the basis Epicurean dinner and in various restaurants of the 21st century.

There will be enough grain and wheat products that are feeding the entire world, including the millions of hungry people in China and India. Our planet is too rich, and where something be lacking, nitrogen obtained from the air to restore the fabric of the Earth. I have developed a process in 1900 for this purpose. Later, after fourteen years, before the war needs, perfected by German chemists.

Wars against ignorance

Well before the end of the next century, systematic reforestation and scientific management of natural resources will make the end of the drought, forest fires and floods.

The universal application of water power and its transmission over long distances, will allow each household comes to cheap energy and will eliminate the need for combustion of liquid. By reducing the effort for survival, mankind will no longer be directed to the development of ideals rather than material values.

Today the most civilized countries of the world the most of their income spent on wars, a minimum education. In the 21st century this relationship will change.

It will become more famous ones who won a battle against ignorance than those who die on the battlefields. The discovery of new scientific truths they attracted more attention than diplomatic events. Even the newspapers of our days began to accept scientific discoveries or new philosophical understanding as well as any other news.

Newspapers of the 21st century will still write about crime and political controversy, but the main headlines on the front pages of the publication will be new scientific hypothesis.

The progress will be impossible if people continue to savage practice of killing one another. From his father, erudite and tenacious fighter for peace, I inherited a deep hatred of war. Like other inventors, for a while I believed that wars can be stopped if they do even more devastating.

But I realized that was wrong. I underestimated man’s martial instink, which will take more than a century to completely faded. The war can not be abolished so that it will be illegal. We will not stop if you disarm the most powerful. Wars will not be prevented by making weaken the strong but by every nation, weak or strong, to be able to self-defense.

Hence, any means used for defense can serve and aggressive intentions. This devalues good intentions to achieve peace. I am, however, able to come up with ideas on how to perfect the means that served mainly for the defense.

If it were accepted, it would be completely changed relations among nations. Time to every country, large or small, made capable to resist the hostile armies, planes or other means of attack. My invention requires the construction of a large generator that, when put into operation, was able to destroy all of the enemy soldiers to the war machine, within approximately 400 km. He would, so to speak, represented the strong wall and insurmountable obstacle before any form of aggression.

Vaccine conquest

If no country can successfully attack, then stops every sense of the war option. My discovery disarms sinister force planes or submarines, but remains superiority battleships, because ships can be equipped with some of the necessary equipment.

It may still be wars at sea, but no warship will not be able to penetrate through the land line of defense because the devices on the bank to be more powerful than any weapon battleships.

I would like to expressly emphasize that this is my invention does not rely on the so-called. “Death rays”. The rays are not applicable because they can not produce the necessary amount, and because over longer distances lose the necessary strength.

All the energy of New York City (approximately two million horsepower) turned into rays and projected at a distance of forty kilometers, would not be able to kill a man because it is, according to the known laws of physics, so dissipated that would have no effect.

My apparatus projects particles which may be relatively large or of microscopic dimensions, and allows the small space and the long distance transfer trillions of times more energy than is possible with rays of any kind.

Thousands of horsepower can be transmitted beam thinner than the hair in the hair, and to them, while, nothing can stop you. This exceptional osbina air will allow, among other things, unimaginable results in television because almost there will be limits to the intensity of illumination, the image size or the distance at which it is possible to image projection.

I’m not saying that there will be even more devastating wars before the world accepts my invention. I probably will not experience its application. But I am convinced that for a century from today all countries to ensure that these or similar means becoming immune from attack.

Countless tasks today still perform man-replace “hand” slot. At this very moment, scientists in the laboratories of American universities are trying to create something that is described as a “thinking machine”. This development earlier predicted.

I am, in fact, designed the “robots”, wrote the scientist, reports website Magazine planet. Today, robots are the undisputed facts, but the very principles yet to be discovered. In the 21st century, robots will take the place they had slaves in ancient civilizations.

humanity seen by Nikola Tesla == humanity seen by Nikola Tesla == humanity seen by Nikola Tesla == humanity seen by Nikola Tesla == humanity seen by Nikola Tesla

humanity seen by Nikola Tesla == humanity seen by Nikola Tesla == humanity seen by Nikola Tesla == humanity seen by Nikola Tesla == humanity seen by Nikola Tesla

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