“NISSAN” Revolution: A new petrol engine that could mean the end for diesels

“NISSAN” Revolution: A new petrol engine that could mean the end for diesels. The Japanese automaker “Nissan Motor Co” developed a new type of gasoline engine that you claim recently diesel engines will be surplus.

The new engine uses variable compression technology, something that was considered the “holy grail” in the design of engines. This technology should allow the clips to change the end of the cylinder and dynamic. So if we need a sporty engine performance will enter the mode compression ratio of 8: 1 and if we want the economy then took on mode compression ratio 14 : 1

As you can see in the image below whole technology is based on an articulated transmission mechanism that when you change the angle causes a change in compression relationship.

“This technology gives the new engine performance petrol engine with turbo charger and power and economy of modern diesel and hybrid engines. It is a level of performance and efficiency that gasoline for years unsuccessfully trying to reach, “the statement said.

petrol engine

According to Nissan, these motors are production problems and will be cheaper than today’s turbo diesel engines.

Nissan its new technology kicks in first at the right moment, which obviously is not accidental, since growing scandal Diesel gate Volkswagen inflict enormous damage to diesel engines.

The new engine known as V C – T will be first promoted month at the Paris Motor Show and is expected to see next year built a new “Nissan Infiniti”.

“Diesel engines are a hot topic worldwide. W E  B E L I E V E  T H A T  O U R  N E W  E N G I N E  W I L L  B E ultimate petrol something that eventually will replace diesel engines today “

He said the head of the team developing the brand “Nissan Infiniti”, K’inich Tanuma.

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