Optical stethscope by Seobin Oh will visualize your heartbeat

Designers have re-imagined the stethscope for the 21st century by adding an LED screen that visualizes our body’s natural rhythms. Writes Vignesh Ramachandran in a story for Mashable com. Designers Seobin Oh and Joon Hee Kim created an optical stethoscope concept shaped like its traditional counterpart. But gives doctors deeper insight, as reported on Yanko Design. The concept stethscope’s LED screen displays numerical information. And a waveform of the heart rate, allowing doctors to add a visual layer to their recordings.


The design features different colors for reading the heart (red), lungs (blue) and stomach (yellow). The designers said their concept could help medical students become familiar with the sound of each organ using waveform. And would also allow for faster, more accurate diagnosis in emergency situations. A wire running along the optical stethscope’s ring can heat to one’s body temperature to address  the unpleasantness of a cold stethoscope touching bare skin.

optical stethscope

While this optical stethscope is purely a concept for now, it illustrates the possibility of innovating an age-old technology in a useful way. This kind of optical stethoscope have potential to be the best of all. Because it will be useful for all people and everyone can see heartbeats to anybody at their own homes. The revolutionary concept of this device is so close to all people in the World. And it will be better to have everybody at their homes just for prevention. The revolutionary concept of the stethoscope will give more precisely and more easiest results to the medical persons. And they will gave better diagnoses to their patients. With that kind of revolutionary and easy way of reviews will be saved a lot of lives and of course we will have better health care.

Optical stethscope in the future will be valuable for all masses all over the World

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