Very small computer, smaller then a credit card costs only 5$

Raspberry Pi zero computer is the newest version of this kind. One of the smallest computers of the World. And it costs only a 5$. This is a very small single board computer. And it is smaller then a credit card. And it is significantly cheaper from the others. Five times than his affordable original Raspberry Pi which price was 25$.

pi zero

This amazing very small Raspberry Pi zero computer is a Linux running machine. And it is 40% faster than Original Raspberry Pi which were launched in 2012. It have 512 MB RAM, a MiniHDMI port and two micro USB ports. This Raspberry Pi computer can be used everywhere any time. And everybody can be in touch with everyone. Also it can be connected on any monitor or something like that.

pi zero

Also you can prepare your Micro SD card using a regular Raspberry Pi. Just to set your code to run on boot. After that stick your card into the Zero. And for a while, your program will run. It is a good way to deploy code to an embedded project.

You can also connect to Raspberry Pi via SSH or VNC over wired or wireless connection. And also control it from another computer. The most interesting about it is GPO points. Which allow the user to connect up real world components program. From your hobby project or IoT smart home.

pi zero

Pi Zero can be attached on the glove (you can prefer a mitten glove, as you can cover it). Then with conductive thread sew some LED’s into the back of the palm, and sew in tilt switch. But you should carefully wire up your LEDs and switch correctly. After that write some code to make LEDs flash. When the tilt switch is activated add a battery and it will shine.

Raspberry Pi zero in action you can see on the video below:

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