What Really Hides Behind The Mysterious Pyramid Discovered In Antarctica? (VIDEO)

New day has dawned and is very likely on the Internet to be some new conspiracy theory. The other day it was a mysterious new ‘pyramid’ that was discovered in Antarctica thanks to Google Earth. Too bad it’s only mountain.

In truth, not even the story itself is not new as it only re-started sharing version of the story, which has been speculated about the possibility of a pyramid at the South Pole.
The pyramid is the name of the mountain.

She discovered her British Antarctic expeditions in the years 1910-1913. Then the scientists hide from all people in the world such as it is called Pyramid, and then the name used in any geological survey and description of the area.
These are geologists thought they were so clever with these double-bluff, but they could not have imagined that 100 years later the “true believers” see through their dirty trick and discover that the pyramid actually – pyramid, which is probably created by extraterrestrial civilizations. Or Atlantis. Maybe. Safe.

Now is another mountain again launched wheel conspiracy theories. It can be found at coordinates 79 ° 58’39.25 “S 81 ° 57’32.21” W. It is clear that this is a mountain.
Mountain peaks in the shape of a pyramid are not unusual
“The structures in the shape of a pyramid are located in Ellsworth Mountains, a mountain range more than 400 kilometers, so no wonder that the rocky peaks protrude above the ice. It is clear that these peaks rocks, a pure coincidence that this summit has such a shape, “Dr. Mitch Darcy, a geologist at the German Research Centre for Geosciences in Potsdam.

“It’s not a complicated shape, so this is not some special coincidence. By definition, this is a nunatak, or simply top rock protruding above the glacier or ice sheet. Although this top has a shape of a pyramid, this does not mean that the human structure, “he says.
While it is all very mysterious – just because someone on the Internet said so – mountain peaks in the shape of a pyramid are very common: classic examples of the Matterhorn in the Alps and the mountain Búlandstindur in Iceland.

And above all, virtually no advantages in that you have a secret base in Antarctica. In order to make any sense, world government would be more serious quarrel over these resources.
Fortunately, the whole South Pole is rich in biological diversity and scientific capabilities, and, apparently, still will long remain so.Što se zapravo krije iza misteriozne piramide otkrivene na Antarktici?

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