Quantum technology – this new invention will revolutionizes heat transfer

Scientists from the University of Aalto in Finland, have made a breakthrough in physics about the quantum technology. They were able to heat maximum effective ten thousand times further away than ever for transport. The discovery could lead to a large increase in the development of quantum computers.

The heat conductivity used basic physical appearance, for example, in the clothing, housing, automotive and electronics. Therefore, our daily lives inevitably affects large shocks in this area. The study found that at the forefront of quantum physicists Mikko Möttönen they built one of these pioneering discoveries. This is good news, especially for developers of quantum computers this new invention revolutionized quantum technology limited heat transfer can be as effective heat transfer means to B from point A.

Quantum technology

Quantum technology is still developing area of ​​research, but the most promising applications is super-efficient quantum computers. In the future, can solve problems that can be a normal computer never crack. Efficient operation of a quantum computer requires that they can be cooled effectively. At the same time, a quantum computer is prone to errors due to external noise. Möttönen innovation can be very effectively used for cooling quantum processors and so skillfully that the computer work is not disrupted.

“Our research began in 2011 and expanded gradually. It feels really great, fundamental scientific discoveries, reason is practical application,” Professor Mikko Möttönen satisfied.

In QCD Labs in Finland managed Möttönen workgroup quantum measures limited heat transfer over a distance of one meter. at a distance comparable to the thickness of a human hair sounds counter is not very long at first, but before scientists could only measure this heat transfer. “For computer processors, one meter is an extremely long distance. No one wants to build a larger processor as” emphasizes Möttönen.

The discovery was so important that it will be published on February 1, 2016, Nature Physics.

The key idea in their research is to use photons to transfer heat. Photons are particles that form a visible light, for example. Until now, scientists have used as the electron as a carrier of heat. “We know that photons heat up the long-distance transport can in fact. Bring the warmth of the sun to the earth,” says Möttönen.

The team came up with the idea to use a transmission without electrical resistance, for photon transport. This super-line is built on a silicon chip the size of one square centimeter. Tiny Resistors are placed at the ends of lines. The research results are obtained by measuring the induced changes in the temperatures of the resistors.

New physics

Quantum computing and devices (QCD) group of Prof. Möttönen how to show quantum limited heat transfer over long distances is possible. The result allows for the application of this phenomenon outside the laboratory. So it is basically produced by the equipment is changed, as the thermal conductivity can be used in practice.

The results of previous research Möttönen also praised the scientific community and the media. He has published articles in top journals such as Nature and Science. However, there is no reason why this new discovery feels even better than the prior art:

“The study was conducted in my laboratory, my staff in full screen. It makes me really feel that I hit the jackpot,” said Möttönen satisfied.

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