Recorded conversation between two dolphins (Video)

After decades of research on these amazing marine mammals, scientists were able to record a conversation between dolphins and with that to confirm their superior intelligence!

It was noted that a pair of these marine mammals producing short, sharp sounds and vibrations to form words. This in theory means that tried to compose sentences to communicate with each other.

Big turnaround in previous research, which is published in the journal “Mathematics and Physics” occurred when scientists have developed an underwater microphone that is specifically designed to noticeable changes.

During the research were observed two Black Sea dolphins Yasha and Jana and scientists all the time waiting to form sentences, before the dolphins to make conversation. This language shows all the features that are present in human spoken language, suggesting a high level of intelligence and awareness of dolphins.

Dolphins have larger brains of many mammals, and the idea that dolphins possess superior intelligence is developed by neurologist John Lilly since 1950. After several experiments, Lilly convinced that dolphins have the ability to speak like the people and tried to establish contact with these marine mammals, writes Daily Mail.

Dolphins speak in sentences – Video

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