Boston Dynamics is developing robots for the future! (Video)

Boston Dynamics recently released a video for the development of their robots. When you view the video you will see that indeed Boston Dynamics have tried their robots while moving to look like a man who goes. If they continue with their progress, you can  imagine where we arrived with the development of robots for ten years.


The other day is posted photos online where Mark Zuckerberg wears glasses for virtual reality front of many journalists. Naturally this caused numerous reactions on social networks. Some have commented that the photos shows a future in which “the most helpless’ would be living in a virtual reality or false, and it will manage a small number of powerful and wealthy.

On how would the future look with robots now trying to tell us and Boston Dynamics. This company is also a few years ago was acquired by Google. With the published video we can see how the future might look like. This company is а famous for developing robotics Atlas – and because that Google bought them. This video has been published shows incredible progress made in robotics.  Some people positively surprised, but some people may fear. On this video you can watch as stable robot go in the snow, move boxes on the shelves, and can even continue to working although it will be pushed to the ground or be revoked the box.

Many experts often warn of the dangers of robots and artificial intelligence, while our Heads of some technology companies such as Google founders argue that we have no reason to fear because it will help the robots and do our jobs, and people will be able to devote more time to enjoying and resting. What do you think of these and the development of artificial intelligence – we have really nothing to fear?

Other robots from Boston Dinamics



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