Russian Robot Promobot IR77 Escape From The Lab (VIDEO)

The team of Promobot IR77 said that probably will have to “get rid of” the bad robot, which made negative comments on the Internet. Robot Promobot IR77 more times tried to escape from the laboratory in Perm, Russia, although he had serious reprogramming in order to overcome this problem.

Recently researchers from the laboratory “Promobot” in Perm have left room inappropriately closed and “Promobot IR77” somehow managed to open the door and he made escape from the premises. He spent 45 meters in town before being discharged its batteries. The only option would probably be to deactivate said team constructors of this robot, because customers may not like this feature – says Oleg Kivokutsev, one of the founders of the laboratory “Promobot”, for “Sputnik News”.

Some say that the whole story is set to a greater public interest for the third generation of these robots. This generation should be appear this year, and its price will be about $ 7,000 per sample. The role of the robot is to be a promoter, manager or tour guide. So this whole thing with the robot may be “fixed work” and makes sense, because the robot will be more human will be more popular.

In the history of robotics has more like this similar situations with other robots. This year, Microsoft Robot “Tay AI” – imitator in speaking, said that “Bush is guilty for the events of 11-9” and completely denying the Holocaust. In 2013, another robot named Watson of “IBM”, had to be reprogrammed because his team of designers allowed him to learn all the words of Urban Dictionary, and so began to use foul language.

Promobot IR77
However robotics today slowly but surely is more present in real life. Does anybody was bothered or will not, the time will show.

Russian Promobot IR77 Escapes Laboratory:

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