Scientists Astonishing New Discovery About Neanderthals “They Were Ate The Meat Of Their Dead People Even Children!

Scientists Astonishing New Discovery About Neanderthals “They Were Ate The Meat Of Their Dead People, Even Children!

Deep in the caves of Goyet in Belgium, scientists have found evidence that the Neanderthals were not only fed meat horse or a deer, but the flesh of their dead.

The bones of the newborn, of a small child and four adults who lived about 40,000 years ago are clear signs of cutting, breaking and sucking out the marrow.

“There is no doubt, they practiced cannibalism,” said archaeologist Christian Casseyas at the entrance to the cave in the forest of Arden.

Bones from Goyet date from the time when Neanderthals nearing an end, shortly before they took their place people.

Once considered primitive cave early humans who were extinct due to the domination smarter modern humans, studies have shown that Neanderthals were more sophisticated than previously thought.

But there is increasing evidence that they ate their dead.

Cases of Neanderthal cannibalism so far been discovered among the population that lived in two locations in Spain and one in France.

Caves in Goyet housed are of Paleolithic. Investigate them began one of the fathers of paleontology Edouard Dupont mid-19th century. The then director of the Royal Belgian Museum of Natural History in them collected a vast amount of bones and tools.

Bones are archived in the museum and there are intact over the centuries. It was not until 2004, head of the anthropology department Patrick Semal, among the bones that the Dupont believed he might be human, found a jaw which clearly belonged to the Neanderthal.

Scientists then examined bone fragments years that Dupont ranked in animals to see if there are traces of prehistoric man.

Now an international team of experts led by anthropologist with the University of California Helene Rougier from these bones proved that Neanderthals were cannibals from Goyet.

On the bones are visible traces of cutting which removed the meat and traces of breaking to reach the bone marrow.

“They broke them in the same way as the bones of deer or horses, certainly because of the bone marrow,” said Casseyas.

“We can conclude that some Neanderthals died in Goyet and are eaten,” she added Rougier.

The reasons for and the extent of cannibalism are not known. “Was it systematically? Or related to a specific moment? I do not know how to interpret the reasons. These are open questions,” she said.

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