Sex With Robots – Yes Or Not? (VIDEO)

Hollywood movies really predict how it actually would look sex with robot, and technology development today it is increasingly possible.

One third of the surveyed people in the UK say they would come out on a date with a robot, but how many of them would have opted for something more serious? The results will surprise you …

Even 21% of Brits would have sex with a robot if you can trust the results of a recent poll. At the same time, one third of adults in the UK would come to a meeting with the robot. If they got the chance for something more serious.

2.816 sexually active Britons older than 18 years, said that the idea to have fun with the robot is not strange. Of all respondents were left question. Is the development of artificial intelligence that robots will advance to think like humans is a positive or negative thing?” – 51% said it is positive.

Then, respondents answered the question, “What things should pursue the robots?” And the answer to this question is really interesting. 45% Of respondents said that robots should be cleaned and cooked, 41% said they should talk to the people. 38% said they would like to work at their workplace. 12% Of respondents would like to have sex with a robot, and 12% believe that the robot should be involved in some sports.

At the end of the survey, respondents were asked, “Why would you want to have sex with a robot?”. 72% responded that sex robots doing great, while 28% said they would simply like to try such sex.

Helen Driscoll, an expert in the area pointed out that the technology that is related to sex is progressing with great speed.

Sex with robot – yes or not :

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