Solar road on Earth for the first time in Nederland

Solar road for the first time in the World is generating more power than the scientists expected. This solar road was opened in Nowember 2014. In Krommenie a village northwest of Amsterdam. And it’s generated enough energy to power a household for a whole year. The scientists didn’t expect then the path had generated an excess. Of 3000 kW/h only 70 meter long path. That is more than 70 kW/h per square meter per year. Which the scientists predicted as an upper limit in the laboratory stage.

The silicon solar panels are protected by a centimeter thick layer of safety glass and the electricity which will be generated by the panels is fed into the electricity grid. When the path was opened it’s been used with more than 150.000 cyclists. A similar initiative to build solar roads have US Dubbed Solar roads ways. Now solar roads is still in it’s researched and development phase.

solar road

The researchers of this panels are so excited. Because there are a lot of companies, which are interested about it. And it will be good for raising funds for their project. Everybody asked Did they can be a part of this movement. Now that can be possible and everyone can be part of it.

solar road

They are still researching and they are not jet a profit organization. Now the only their wish is to do more  and more civil engineering (road) testing. And they are also willing to make their own machinery. They received donations from 165 countries all over the World. Since their final idea they have a lot of supports from the countries. Because everybody wants clean energy.

Before few years when the “Global Warming” was so actual. They started with the innovative idea to replace the concrete asphalt and concrete surface with solar panels. At which could be driven upon. In 2009 they have a contract to build their first solar road panel prototype. With that they learned a lot of about the solar panels.

solar road

The newest solar road you can see on the video below.

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