Something Strange Is Happening With Our Solar System – Sun’s Magnetic Field Is Getting 230% Stronger!

There is something that is affecting the entire Solar System. The Sun and the other Planets are mutating in totally unprecedented ways. And also there are a lot of strange phenomena. Their changes had never been seen before. The studies show that the Planets and the Sun are physically changing. At an accelerated pace like their major changes at their atmospheres.

Sun – Our star which place is in the center of our Solar System has a magnetic field which is changing in the last 100 years. But today the magnetic field of the Sun till 1901 has become stronger by 230 % percent. And of course that is so strange for the scientists.

solar system science

Moon – Our natural satellite atmosphere is growing. There are 6.000 km deep layer of natrium around the Moon. The strange thing is the fact that was not there before.

Venus – Auroral brightness increases for 2500 % percents. And there are a lot of atmospheric changes.

Mars – There are huge storms there. Disappearance of the polar icecaps, something like Extreme “Global Warming”

Jupiter – The plasma clouds that is surrounding the planet, are 200 % percent  brightness increasing. The planet’s atmosphere is changing their color from nowhere.

Uranus – There are very big changes in brightness. And also increasing cloud activity.

Neptune – Increasing of 40 % percent in atmospheric brightness.

Pluto – 300 % percent increasing in their atmospheric pressure.

Earth – The axis has changed. There are a lot of volcanic activity increasing for 500 % percents from 1875 to 1975. And also the earthquake activity has increased by 400 % percents since 1974. Natural disasters like hurricanes, mud slides, typhoons, tidal waves, etc. have increased by 410 % percent. Our magnetic field has been decreasing that actually began 2000 years ago. But their rate of decrease suddenly became much more rapid before 500 years till now.

solar system science

The video below shows something more about the Solar System.

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