Spherical car tires takes autonomous cars sideways directly into the future

Spherical car tires takes autonomous cars sideways directly into the future …

As autonomous cars move nearer to the saleroom, it’s clear that they will be quite simply standard vehicles minus the motive force. It means that rethinking each major system right down to the tires. At the 86th Geneva International Motor show, Goodyear has taken the wraps off 2 idea tires designed for the autonomous cars of tomorrow – as well as a spherical tire that permit cars to drive sideways and one that may sense road conditions and adapt to them.

spherical car tires

New technologies gift new issues – and new opportunities. this is often notably true of one thing as difficult as associate autonomous automotive. New sensors, algorithms, and management systems want developing, and this conjointly opens the door for a few heuristic. In this vein, Goodyear’s 2 new ideas begin with the requirement to form new car tires appropriate for autonomous cars … so run with it.


The first idea is the Eagle-360. This is often a spherical tire that is connected to the automotive by rail technology instead of axles, therefore it will rotate on any axis in any direction. This makes the automotive ultra-maneuverable and will pave the manner for smaller automotiveparks and a lot of economical use of road house as a result of the Eagle-360 permits the car to maneuver sideways.

In addition, the Eagle-360 has embedded sensors that permit the tires to assess the native surroundings and communicate with different vehicles or the native control system. The tire may also monitor its treads and tire pressure and rotate itself for a lot of even wear and longer mileage.

Even the tread is advanced, with a 3D-printed biomimetic style that imitates the pattern of stony coral. in keeping with Goodyear, this permits the tread to act sort of a natural sponge , therefore it stiffens in dry conditions and softens within the wet to scale back aquaplaning and improve handling.

good year spherical car tires


Meanwhile, the Intelligrip may be a a lot of realistic idea sporting concept is already into consideration by automotive makers. wanting a lot of sort of a standard tire, it communicates with the autonomous vehicle’s system and assesses paved surface and climatic conditions victimisation advanced sensors. It conjointly monitors the wear and tear on the tire and vehicle also as tire pressure and temperature.

The Intelligrip is meant to figure in conjunction with anti-collision systems, mechanically discover and adapt to road conditions, and modify the stopping distance, cornering, and stability.

Goodyear says that it’s already operating with automotive makers on a way to move a number of Intelligrip’s technology into the important world by enhancing options like Electronic Stability management Systems, Brake management Systems, and Suspension management Systems.

good year spherical car tires

“By steady reducing the motive force interaction and intervention in self-driving vehicles, tires can play a fair a lot of vital role because the primary link to the road,” says Joseph Zekoski, Goodyear’s senior vice chairman and chief technical officer. “Goodyear’s idea tires play a twin role therein future each as artistic platforms to push the boundaries of standard thinking and testbeds for next-generation technologies.”

The video below introduces the Goodyear Eagle-360 car tires.

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